This incredible story was born approximately 4,000 years ago and belongs to the now extinct Sumerian culture. The myth tells the story of Gilgamesh, demi-god king of Uruk, to whom the gods create an equal -Enkidu- so that he learns to be a human.

(Fefe and Beba)

Felipe is ten years old, he has Asperger syndrome, he knows how to program but he never remembers the name of his bank partner in private school. He is a fan of robots and leans on Nico, the Science workshop coordinator, and his only close bond.

EL BANQUETE AFRICANO (The african banquet)

«The African Banquet» portrays the life of a large family-tribe of the Sawa ethnic group. Also the reality of the Cameroonian city of Douala, where all but Richard and his daughter live. Richard lives in Barcelona with Eva, whom he met a decade ago when she traveled to Africa to work on a campaign against tuberculosis.

Executive production


Moacir’s album

With almost 30 years of delay, Moacir Dos Santos achieves his dream of recording a record with songs of his own and some interpretations.

Final Stage book

Absolute Chronicle, diary of my two years of geriatric internment, without plot, without purpose or definite plan, in Recta final there is not an iota of fiction and much less of composition.

The tree that grows on the wall_book

The Tree of the Wall is the name of the book published in October 2012 that the psychoanalyst and poet Eva Puente wrote after countless hours of conversation with Jack Fuchs.