Moacir´s album

Moacir’s album

Almost thirty years later, Moacir Dos Santos manages to fulfill his dream of recording an album with his own songs and some performances.
The charismatic protagonist of the films Fortalezas and Moacir, both by Tomás Lipgot, emigrated from Brazil to Argentina in 1984 with the desire to record his own album, but due to several problems of poverty and mental health  could not do it.
The adventure story of the recording of this album is told in the documentary Moacir, which has the musician Sergio Pángaro as co-star, but due to budgetary problems, the album could not be finished at the time of the film’s premiere.
Thanks to a great solidarity movement, which included a Crowfunding campaign, it was possible to gather the resources to finish the album. It was recorded in «Ion» and «Circo Beat», two of the most prestigious studios in Latin America.
The deluxe edition contains a CD with twelve songs, including Moacir’s hits «Marcha do travesti» and the tango «Player Drunk», the latter performed duet with Sergio Pángaro.
In addition, the edition is accompanied by the DVD of the award-winning film Moacir, with scenes never seen before and with subtitles in five languages.