About us

Duermevela is the intermediate state between sleep and wakefulness.
That space where we don’t quite know which side we’re on. The films we like to make have this imprint.      

The production company was founded by filmmaker Tomás Lipgot and has a strong accent on producing documentaries, but also fiction films and animations.    

With more than 20 years of experience in the film industry, Duermevela has produced 10 documentaries: «Fortalezas» (Fortresses, 2010), «Ricardo Becher, Recta Final» (Ricardo Becher, Final stage 2010), «Moaci (2011), «El Árbol de la muralla«(The tree that grows on the wall, 2013), «Valdenses» (2015), «Vergüenza y Respeto« (Shame and respect, 2015), «Moacir III «(2017),  «Marta Show» (2018), “¡Viva el Palíndromo( To the palindrome!, 2018) y «El universo de Clarita» (Clarita’s universe, 2020).  It has also carried out the executive production of the fiction feature films  “Los adoptantes” (The adopters, 2019) and the executive production of «Topos«(Moles, 2012) and «El desierto«. (The desert, 2013).

All these works have been commercially released and have been shown in more than 250 international film festivals, obtaining several awards and recognitions.      

With a marked interest in international co-productions, Duermevela has co-produced several of its films and participates regularly in international audiovisual markets, such as the «Marché du film», which takes place within the Cannes festival.           

On the other hand, Duermevela also offers production services for documentaries, fictions, animations and video clips, as well as sound and video equipment rental and editing island.

Currently, the production company is producing the feature film Gilgamesh, 3D animation in co-production with Hookup Animation, based on “The epic of Gilgamesh”, the oldest text in humanity. Also, it is developing Fefe & Beba, the fictional debut of Tomás Lipgot, and the documentary El banquete africano” (The african banquet), in co-production with Spain and Cameroon.