Marta show



Marta is 75 years old and has been living on the street for 14 years. She traveled throughout Latin America as a cabaret dancer and was one of the pioneers of the striptease in Buenos Aires.

From a strong emotional crisis that resulted in an internment, he separated himself from family and work, thus remaining on the margins of society. But thanks to his ability to fight and desire to live he invents a new task that leads to the formation of a new family: the «Marta Show».

It is a street show, a mix of varieté and happening directed by Marta in a sector of the path, against the bars of a square, where she has stopped for years. It consists of choreography, playbacks, poems and songs, remembrances of the golden years in which Marta was a dancer.

Script and Direction: Malena Moffatt and Bruno López
Producer: Tomás Lipgot
Head of Production: Francisca Capra
Sound Director: Guido de Niro
Edition: Bruno Lopez
Year: 2018
Format: HD
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 75 min
Production: Duermevela SRL

Marta Buneta / Malena Moffatt / Carolina Gordon / Alex García / Diego Ríos / Teodoro Álvarez / Valery Lyakhov