El Universo de Clarita(Clarita’s universe)



Clarita is twelve years old and lives in Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, with her parents and sisters. Her greatest interest in the whole world is Astronomy –a passion she discovered thanks to Proyecto Miradas, an experimental and playful workshop for children, led by Sofía and Yayo.

What are meteorites made of? How were stars created? Where did the first bird come from? This girl’s curiosity takes her far, to a learning trip to different astronomic sites across Argentina. We get answers from experts and scientists, but also from the knowledge of Native Peoples and from secrets hidden in Nature.

Clarita’s drive to learn and to explore makes us wonder at the infinite Universe of which we are all part.

Script and Direction: Tomás Lipgot
Production: Duermevela Srl – with the support of INCAA – Conicet- Governments of the provinces of Chaco, San Juan and Mendoza.
Camera and Cinematography: Javier Pistani
Music: Pablo Urristi
Edition: Emiliano Serra
Sound director: Hernán Severino (ASA)
Color: Lucila Kesselman
Timelapses: Lucas Guardincerri
Documentary Conicet: Nicolás Martinez Zemborain, Pablo Kühnert and Bernadette Saunier Rebori.
Production assistant: Nicasio Fernández
Songs: Lucrecia Aragón and Julieta Micheletti
Associate Producer: Hernán Severino
Visual Effects: Cristian Tonhaiser
Duration: 73 minutes.