Moacir III



The third and final part of the Freedom Trilogy, composed by the documentaries «Fortalezas» and «Moacir».

Moacir is a personage that has acquired a certain fame thanks to the documentaries that portrayed him: first interned in the neuropsychiatric hospital Borda, in the case of Fortresses and then in «Moacir», already outside this institution, fulfilling his dream of recording a disc with his own songs.

MOACIR III is a discursive balance between fiction and documentary, where we will see on the one hand, the fictional scenes – entertaining, tragic, dramatic and romantic – that Moacir idea and whose protagonists are, among others, his social worker or the employee of the bank where he keeps his money.
On the other hand we will see the process of making of the construction of these scenes.

More info: moacir.pelicula

Duermevela in co-production with Miração Filmes present, with the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), National Cinema Agency (ANCINE) and the Regional Development Bank of Extremo Sul (BRDE).

Direction: Tomás Lipgot
Script: Moacir dos Santos & Tomás Lipgot
Production: Tomás Lipgot & Sergio Roizenblit
Executive production: Mauricio Mancovsky & Marina Puech Leão
Edition: Bruno López
Cinematography and Camera: Javier Pistani
Music: Moacir dos Santos & André Ricardo
Sound director: Hernán Severino
Art Direction and Costumes: Marcela Vilariño
Administration: Teresa Ogas
Makeup and hairstyling: Laura Moreno
Production Director: Marisa Reis

2017- 91 minutes- HD. Sound 5.1 / Argentina-Brazil / Suitable for over 13 years.

Moacir dos Santos – Ruy Alonso – Tomás Lipgot – Sergio Pángaro – Noelia López -Dante Mancovsky – Damián Ubeda – Marisa Barcellos – Jenny Giménez