(The adopters)



Martín, a 42-year-old TV Presenter, tells Leonardo , a 45-year-old agronomist and his partner for ten years, his desire to be a parent by adopting a baby. He feels deep down the need to be a father as soon as possible. Leonardo, having been adopted himself, has doubts.

“The adopters” puts forward a modern, unprejudiced and broad look of the search these two men who love each other go through. And it reveals how these challenges lead Leonardo and Martín to choose each other again, to be chosen and to opt in favor of love, accepting and getting to know each other more. A path that transforms them, changing the way they see their lives.

Duermevela Cinema, Oh My Gomez! Films & Non Stop Tv

with the support of the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts, present:

Rafael Spregelburd – Diego Gentile With Marina Bellati – Valeria Lois – Guillermo Arengo – Daniela Pal – Lalo Rotavería – Ezequiel Díaz – Gaby Ferrero – Denise Groisman – Mario Alarcón – Nahuel Viale – Pablo Laa Padula.

With the presentation of Juan Otero – Agustín Salaverry – Alejandro Cejas and the Special Performance of Florencia Peña – Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán – Soledad Silveyra

A film by Daniel Gimelberg.

Executive Producers: Tomás Lipgot – Pablo Ingercher – Ramiro Pavón
Script: Daniel Gimelberg and Andi Nachónabout about an idea of Cesc Gay and Daniel Gimelberg.
Cinematography: Diego Poleri (A.D.F.)
Art Direction: Romina Del Prete (A.A.D.A)
Edition: Nicolás Goldbart
Music: Pedro Onetto
Assistant Director: Matías Risi
Costume: Mónica Toschi – Jackie Suárez
Makeup: Silvina Paolucci
Hairstyle: Ricky Molina
Casting Director: María Laura Berch
Sound Postproduction Supervision: Guido Berenblum
Mix: Gerardo Kalmar
Direct Sound: Christian Lemcke
Non Stop Tv Production: Gastón Gualco – Betina Brewda
Associate Production: Javier Díaz – Lobo Gris
Producers: Tomás Lipgot – Pablo Ingercher – Ramiro Pavón – Daniel Gimelberg – Patricio Rabuffetti.