¡Viva el palíndromo!

(To the palindrome!)



A happy journey through four countries, with dozens of men and women for whom the beauty of words lies in symmetry.

And there are more palindromes in this trip by director and –of course– palindromist

Tomás Lipgot. This adorable film introduces us to a brotherhood of women and men who are enormously passionate about finding the best reversible phrase. And it does so with irresistible grace, with some contempt towards anagramists, with a festive animated segment and a song that will haunt you for days


Production companies: Duermevela SRL (Argentina), Aved Producciones (Spain)
Executive production: Javier Rueda and Tomás Lipgot
Script and Direction: Tomás Lipgot
Cinematography and Camera: Javier Pistani
Edition: Bruno López, Leandro Tolchinsky
Music: Alfonso Vilallonga, Pablo Urristi
Direct sound: Andrés Soto
Sound: Hernán Severino
Color: Eduardo Sierra
Animation: Jacqueline Bafico
Script consulting: Gerard Fossas & Jordi Montornés
Drawings: Hugo Emmanuel Figueroa
Countries: Argentina & Spain