EL BANQUETE AFRICANO (The african banquet)


«The African Banquet» portrays the life of a large family of the Sawa ethnic group. Also the reality of the Cameroonian city of Douala, where all but Richard and his daughter live. Richard lives in Barcelona with Eva, whom he met a decade ago when she traveled to Africa to work on a campaign against tuberculosis.

The documentary begins in Barcelona, showing the differences and tensions between this couple-continent, who will travel to Douala to settle a family dispute. Once there we will enter the intimacy of a house that coexists between ancient practices and the chaos of a port city, the second largest in Cameroon.

Family conflicts move forward: Richard’s mother has HIV and everybody is intrigued about the way she got infected; Bahkit wants to go to Europe at all costs, even knowing that a tragic destiny can wait for him; Chayna is entering adolescence and she is strongly questioning her family.

This daily life, not without problems, will be mixed with great celebrations and trips (some of them in canoes to neighboring towns), ending with the great celebration of the Water Festival (Ngondo), which is a ceremony full of performances and hedonism. There we will experience the great closing of the “African Banquet”, where the characters will have resolved, or paused, their conflicts, in order to celebrate life in communion.

Status: Development

Produced by Duermevela SRL and Aved Producciones.  An Argentina-Spain co-production.

Direction and Script: Tomás Lipgot
Executive production: Javier Rueda Tomás Lipgot
Cinematography: Javier Pistani
Documentary feature Languages: French / Spanish / Catalan English / Cameroon languages ​​and dialects.
Format: 4K • 5.1 • Color