Fortresses is a film that carefully observes four state settings of social reclusion: a jail, a geriatric residence, a neuropsychiatric hospital and a former leper colony.

Once inside, we will meet characters who look for a way out of the asphyxiation that the institutions and the confinement exert upon them.

Moacir, patient at the Borda Neuropsychiatric Hospital resists through music. Julio, an inmate of Jail n32 in Florencio Varela fights for freedom with the judicial bureaucracy.

Manolo, resident of the San Jose home for the elderly, practices walking to be able to give up his wheel chair. Juanita, in the same residence, searches for an alternative through love.

The film points to that place that we do not want to see: society, in order to function normally, needs to exclude and punish those who make it uncomfortable. The old, the insane, the sick and prisoners are Fortresses.

100 min. Color. Hd Video. 35mm finish.
Produced by Duermevela with the support of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the University of Cinema.

Associate Producer: Subterranea Films
Direction: Tomás Lipgot & Christoph Behl
Production: Tomás Lipgot
Photography: Marina di Raimondo
Sound: Natalaia Toussaint
Head of Production: Verónica Fernandez
Camera: Christoph Bhel
Editing: Christoph Behl and Tomás Lipgot
Assembly Assistance: Eva Poncet
Direct sound: Rufino Basavilbaso, Francisco Pedemonte, Tomás Lipgot, Germán Chiodi and Natalia Toussaint
Sound Mixing Operator: Jorge Gutiérrez
Sound pre-mix operator: Gerardo Kalmar
Musical Arrangements: Sebastian Bradley
Postproduction Coordinator: Esteban Perroud and J. Marino Morduchowicz
Folley: Trio Rufino
Tape to Film: Marina Sol Colombo (University of Cinema)
Negative cutter: Marta «Pochi» Selvi
Legal Advice: Estudio Raffo, Dirolli & Asociados
Accounting Advisory: Javier Foffani
Logging and Backups: Amanda Gonzales
Meritorious Direction: Emilce Fuenzálida
Graphic Design: Estudio Jekill-Hyde