Cannabis Medicinal (Medical Cannabis)



Health is a human right. Any treatment capable of recovering the welfare state must be researched, developed and available to society. Based on information about the benefits of cannabis treatments provided by patients and their relatives, researchers and health professionals study medical cannabis to understand how it is used, who makes it and how people consume it.

During her research work, neuroscientist Sara Silvia Kochen discovers different worlds and stories:from Raphael Mechoulam in Israel -the leading scientist in cannabis research-, to the pioneering cannabis growers in southern Argentina. She tries to connect the different skills in an attempt to end the prohibitions of the last century on the use of the plant.

Thinking about how to advance with the legality of cannabis in Argentina, the scientist analyzes the Uruguayan model and travels to meet Pepe Mujica. Throughout this path, the RACME, a CONICET Cannabis Network made up of those interested in the subject was created.

This work shows how popular knowledge contributes to its use without prohibitions, generating a change of perspective on the subject in a large part of the scientific community. The future of cannabis has already begun to be written and is part of the cultural transformation that we are currently undergoing.

Duration: 62 minutes.
Gender: Documentary
Country: Argentina
Year: 2023
Direction: Sara Silvia Kochen & Emiliano Serra
Script: Santiago Hadida & Emiliano Serra
Production: Tomás Lipgot & Duermevela Srl, with the support of INCAA & Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Camera and Cinematography: Javier Pistani
Music: Javier Casalla 
Edition: Emiliano Serra
Sound director: José Caldararo
Color: Lucila Kesselman
Nicolás Martinez Zemborain
Production Manager: Nicasio Fernández
Associate Producer: CONICET & CONICET Documentary
Visual Effects: Ismael Kreimer