The recovery of a silent feature film from 1924, banned by the Italian fascism, reveals the path of the Waldensians, a medieval heretic movement that became the world’s first protestant church.
During the last decades, the Waldensians had struggled the Vatican around issues like gay marriage and euthanasia.
The documentary is a mirror’s game between reality and representation, between the medieval Waldensians and actual communities with different languages in Italy, Argentina, Uruguay and the United States, wondering why the waldensian heresy has resisted for more than eight centuries.

Duration: 78 ’
Country of origin: Argentina- Italy- Brazil
Direction: Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer
Executive Production: Tomás Lipgot – Duermevela
Production: Tomás Lipgot, Marcel Gonnet Wainmayer, Luciano D´Onofrio (Italy), Alessandro Signetto (Italy)
Cinematography: Carlos Gindzberg
Edition: Marcos Pastor
Additional Edition: Miguel Colombo
Editing Assistant: Cintia Lucero
Sound Director: Gerardo Kalmar
Camera: Carlos Gindzberg, Ryan Lebar (United States), Eugenio Busson (Italy), Vanessa Teixeira de Oliveira (Italy)
Direct sound: Lula Saccomanno, Tomás Lipgot, Marcel Gonnet, Gianluca Tamai, Sonia Portoghese
Production Assistant: Teresa Andrea Ogas
Graphic Art and Design: Juan Pablo Cambariere
Music: Gruppo Teatro Angrogna, Leonardo Zumbo
Image Postproduction: Javier Pistani
Testimonies: Giorgio Tourn, Giorgio Bouchard, Bruna Peyrot, Hugo Gonnet Griot, Jean Louis Sappé, Gabriella Ballesio, Silvana Rivoir, Maura Bertin, Giorgio Beningno, Anthony Collins, Luciano Kovacs, Manuela Lops, Carlos Delmonte.